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A portrait series of sailing ships was inspired by Regatta of Hamburg Tall ships several years ago. Many people admire tall ships, which year after year sailing through the seas and oceans. It is a pleasure for them to imagine the whistle of wind between the sails, the spatter of water, and strong seamen with weathered faces.

Picturing these images in their minds perhaps a few realise what a severe and exhausting job it was. Compared to nowadays, back than Meridianas1sailors had to deal with challenging living conditions and employ iron discipline. However, preserving history is a romantic dream of many.

I was extremely happy when I saw that my tiny Hamburg port tug was granted an opportunity to assist moor the world’s largest tall ship called “Kruzenshtern”. I have to admit that she was my first ship, where I undertook my first marine practice as a student of a Marine College almost forty years ago.

Now you can see my first canvas, which has a quite fancy name : “Kruzenshtern”. Forty years length Towing Line. Hamburg 2010”.

My second piece of art came much more easy. Dreams, images and huge amount of photos helped me express my thoughts. They also inspired many new ideas that led me to new artworks.

To this day I remember one event that happened several years ago.As I was preparing the ship for major drydocking I had to make a lot of drafts and sketches. The captain was watching me for a long time and in the end he briefly said: „Beautiful“. It was the first and the last time I was forced to disagree with my captain. I told him that drafts cannot be beautiful. Drafts can be either correct or incorrect. Drafts must be easy to understand without any interpretations. Another point is that a correct draft is always beautiful to me.

Masterpieces are another story. As I feel, there are no right or wrong artworks. There are as many interpretations and secrets as there are meanings to them. Somehow they become much more interesting, fascinating and “more correct”.

In my opinion, the attraction and charm of virtual galleries is that you can come back to it whenever you want and feel pleasure while admiring it. As a part of the introduction to my first collection, I would like to mention that I am curious where it would lead us as the sky is the limit. I simply love admiring the artworks around me. This helps me to understand my surroundings and the world around me. I also hope that the Gallery will attract both established and upcoming marinists.

When our daily life is surrounded by art, that touches our minds in the deepest way and makes our souls more even more responsive, the life becomes more exciting. This is the main reason for todays optimism, sincerity and right decisions for our future.

All the best

Marina Art Gallery founder Henry



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